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Our Rules... Empty Our Rules...

Bericht van ScrapPlezier di 14 apr - 21:48

Each forum has its rules to keep it enjoyable.
On top of the ordinary rules for forums, we have these others too:

This forum is part of the website [Alleen beheerders zien deze link]. It has been set up for customers and friends of ScrapPlezier. But also, for Scrapbooking/crafts related communication, and a resource and support tool for each member. For other subjects than Scrapbooking/craft related, we do have a category/topic where you can talk about these subjects.
It is not allowed to make any kind of publicity, references or indication of any other commercial (web) shops, sites, crops, workshops
etc. It is allowed though to mention the manufacturers names.
You can refer to your personal (not commercial) weblog or your webpage.
In case of doubt, please send an e-mail to: [Alleen beheerders zien deze link].
Any kind of sale between the members is not allowed at our forum, unless it is made on behalf of ScrapPlezier. It is however possible to exchange materials at the intended category/topic.
We expect that every new member presents him/herself at the intended category/topic.
Everyone is free to give his/her own opinion nevertheless remain polite with each other.
We expect that you treat all members with respect.
Any use of inappropriate language, obscene or abusive comments of any sort will not be tolerated.
We reserve the right to withdraw/refuse forum membership and delete posts when necessary.
A SWAP, RAK, etc. can be hosted by everyone. ScrapPlezier is not responsible for that, unless it is organized by ScrapPlezier herself.
We are not responsible for the placed messages. Everyone is responsible for his/her own messages.
Our rules can be adapted or completed at each moment.
Have you questions or observations please e-mail to: [Alleen beheerders zien deze link].

With the cooperation of each member we are sure we are going to have an enjoyable forum for all of us.

Many ScrapPlezier,

Leeftijd : 22
Registration date : 11-02-09

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